Sunday, March 8, 2009

Craigslist is limiting use of HTML

Craigs list is going to limit the use of HTML tags in body of ads. Craigslist has taken this initiative because "much of the HTML in postings these days is used by spammers for harmful purposes, such as cloaking spam links, embedding false keywords, and overriding the flagging system.", as mentioned on craigslist site.

Details of proposed permitted HTML tags have been for review by the users on the craigslist site and is available here
The proposed allowed tags are :
• basic text formatting tags like
• Line breaks :
• Horizontal line
• Headers :
• Unordered and ordered lists:
• Dictionary lists:
• Hyperlink:
• Image :
• Preformatted text:
• Table:
It may be noted that use of will not be permitted.

Discussion on this proposal is going on craigslist's help forum. Checkout this. It seems most of the users are supporting the move. So it may be anticipated that craigslist will limit use of HTML as soon as it can finish necessary software updates

written by Pak Tech Solutions