Monday, January 19, 2009

craigslist Ad Postig Cheat

This is specially for Asia and middle East
and i am sure it works in Pakistan
not sure about India because i think they have launched there own spaceship satellite may be there ISP's providing services from there

Do you want to post your ads on multiple cities but your ads ghosted or get deleted

no problem i ll describe here a cheat that ll help you in posting many ads on multiple cities

first of all i am not strong in English so forgive about spelling sentance mistakes

craigslist rule is that you are not allowed to post above 48 postings
and they ghost or delete your ads if you try just posting your ads and ignoring there rules.

in Asia and middle east specially in Pakistan our ISP's dost supply us Static IP address

so it is very easy in these countries to make many more submissions on multipule cities

you must have to check that how your IP address is changing to ensure that what are you going to do and what ll be happened

sapous that you are using ADSL connection you ll have a router
go to any site who can tell you your IP address and after restart your ADSL router do not restart your computer just router you ll be asigned an new IP address

so make some postings in one city and when you need to go to another city just restart you Router
i recommend you that before restarting your router clear all cookies etc
best way is install CCleaner

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