Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Human Cloning

Human cloning is defined as the genetically identical copies of a human; this is not the re-creation of human. As the terminology “Human Cloning” itself creates a lot of confusions, simply it can be defined as the identical copy of a human being that has been created using medical science.

As, every creation in this world has both positive and negative aspects, this too has. Human cloning can be done for medical research and also for the creation of clone of Humans. The later one is also known as “reproductive cloning” and is banned in many countries. Cloning has major advantages for the Medical Treatments, mainly in the transplant of human organs.

The defective or malfunctioning organs can be created using the cloning. Using the cloning, the Stem cells can be developed to produce organs or tissues to repair or replace damaged ones. Diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer, and Heart failure can be cured with this technology. However, human cloning can be used to jeopardize the existence of a human being by creating his/her clone.
Despite the negative aspect, human cloning technology has a great advantage in the medical science.

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